Robyn Kown is an extrovert of all extroverts. She has spent many years loving and leading women, from Bible Studies and church to meeting for coffee or going on walks. Her heart is for women to know they are loved and uniquely created by the Father. You can often find her on the phone, walking, or getting coffee with a friend, or listening to podcasts. After school hours you can find her hitting the road with her 3 children, delivering them to art, piano, lacrosse or tennis. All in time to get home to have her house cleaned and a nice hot meal on the table for when her husband Charles comes home. (That part is not quite true - wishful thinking, but not true.) Robyn opens her house weekly to women in the city of Birmingham for StoryTellers gatherings. She is the fearless leader and visionary of the Storytellers group. She has a unique style of leadership that truly allows those working with her to find joy in their work. She encourages everyone to dig deeper into their God-given gifts.



Outside of her roles as a wife and mother, Kelley Brown is passionate about connecting with women through emotional honesty, relatable stories, and biblical wisdom.  Drawing from her time in seminary at Beeson Divinity School, she finds joy in equipping women to study the Bible with curiosity and confidence. Kelley has served in women’s ministry for 15+ years as a writer, speaker, and bible study teacher.  She writes regularly for LifeWay's monthly devotional magazine, Journey, and is also Director of Women’s Ministry at Mountain Brook Community Church.  An Auburn University grad, she's finally using her degree in Radio, TV & Film to create the Storytellers Live podcast! Kelley and her husband, Scott, have four children ranging in age from 19 to 6. They are advocates for adoption and orphan care, having adopted two of their daughters from China -- their oldest joining their family at the age of 12. People are typically surprised to learn that Kelley is actually introverted by nature... and that her maiden name was Brown, leading friends to affectionately call her Kelley Brown Brown. 



Sarah Beth Hagler, one of our prayer warriors with StoryTellers, attended Auburn University where she met & married Lee McDonald and had two children Sadie & Miller. Lee went to heaven unexpectedly in March 2015. She moved from Auburn to Vestavia in June 2016 to marry Clay Hagler They are now a family of 6, including Clay’s girls, Maddie & Molly. “SB,” as we call her, loves spending time family, antiquing, and exercising. SB has a knack for entertaining and making even a weeknight meal feel special. She has a passion for encouraging fellow widows & loving on them to know they are not alone. She has even helped create a local widows support group. She enjoys returning to Auburn, a place that holds special memories, to see old friends and to cheer on the Tigers!



Amanda Blount loves cooking but has a deep passion for baking. To her, nothing says “home sweet home” like a fresh baked loaf of bread or some chocolate chip cookies. She is the one that usually whips up any sweet treats found at Storytellers. She is married to her husband CJ and has 4 children; 3 boys, 1 girl ages 13 down to 5. She and her husband lead worship at church, she teaches voice lessons, and she cuts hair on the side. Let’s just say is a jack of all trades. She is most passionate about watching and encouraging others by calling out what God can do in and through a person, which is what led her to Storytellers. She loves watching the StoryTeller and listeners as they are both challenged to grow and become more vulnerable. Amanda believes we could change the world by stopping comparisons and point out the gifts that God placed inside of each other. She is so good at modeling this at StoryTellers.


Dawn Curtis is a gentle person with deep waters running through her soul. She creates, designs, and brands for work and other life-giving opportunities. As she sips her black coffee and listens to your story, the next thing you know she will be showing you a design for your life or dream like you have never seen before. SecondStories, her series of coffee table books sharing stories of God’s goodness in peoples struggles, is evidence of this. On any given day you will find her sitting on her screened porch on the sofa, mini-doodle sitting on her lap, tapping away on her laptop. She dreams dreams for other people through her design work and helps them see a bigger God throughout the process. She is usually quietly working behind the scenes on technical details for StoryTellers. She lives in Birmingham with her husband Bill and two little red headed girls. You can find her book collaboration at



Lindy Walker is a stay at home mom who is never at home. You will often find her volunteering with high school students in local youth leadership programs helping students develop public speaking skills and honing their stories to share.  Lindy enjoys meeting with younger moms to help guide and encourage them in their parenting struggles. She has a passion for families, marriages and women discovering their God given gifts (and maybe their enneagram numbers). She is absolutely a seven on the Enneagram! Lindy has had a career of community volunteerism serving mostly in her children's schools and PTOs. If she is not working on a women's event or speaking to groups, she enjoys reading, spending time with friends and music.